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(I have to post this three places, so yeah, just deal with it if you have to see this again :)

Totally excited about this discovery channel show! Even though it will be more medical... Laura Shanley is going to have a very short short interview and a clip from her unassisted birth at the end of the segment!!!

I read her book 3 years ago confirming my belief that women could give birth totally aware and naturally unassisted like all other mammals. See my unassisted birth :)
Since Sage was born I have spoken to her many times, and Sage's unassisted birth also became part of this documentary. Laura is just a very awesome cool lady. She actually lives in Boulder, Colorado and I am going to meet her soon!

An increasing number of women chose to birth unassisted, but very little media coverage has been made about the subject. Apparently, finally, Discovery Channel has shown interest.

So if your interested in childbirth/medical stuff at all then check out the show times through this link
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