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I thought this link was very helpful when I was pregnant and doing everything unassisted.
And even if your having a hospital birth, it could come in VERY handy. Just to learn about things and complications and how to prevent them, what to watch out for.

I saw a women tonight who was super huge pregnant. I asked her when she was due... 3 weeks, she said.

I wanted to ask this woman one hundred questions. But I can't, I mean you really can't just be like so .... *badgers her about where, when, why and how she's going to birth* and in addition *badgers her about whether she will breast feed, circumcise or stay at home*
But I am so curious. You know for the most part women are very curious and receptive to the things I have to say. I have touched so many lives by just offering a hand and saying, "Hey look what other options are out there, look why...and look how things can be different if you want them to be."
When I was still living in Las Vegas a woman and her family moved in next door. She was 7 months pregnant and everyday I eyed her like a hawk.
She was so beautiful and friendly. What a beautiful family.
Well, finally a month before she was due I made them a gift basket. I put in it mothers milk tea, a mothering magazine (and a subscription), organic honeysuckle baby shampoo, a hemp washcloth, 2 books about vaccine studies and risks and a book about natural health.
I wrapped it all up beautifully, but I was anxious. I didn't want her to be offended.
And she wasn't... I soon received a delightful thank you card. At first she began doing everything modernly and as Dr's told her... and slowly she just realized. Now she is the best attachment mom/natural mom and it makes me happy. Yes, sure she would have been a good mom-- But would she have had a home birth with her second baby? Would she be so well informed and be refusing vaccines? would she be a organic mom? her daughter almost dairy free? I don't know, but I know I helped. She now has 2 children... and we keep in touch and are like best friends. We support each other and give each other advice, and rant about the way things are. hee hee.
It just makes me happy, to touch someone's life.
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