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I want to have more babies.
I mean I know that I sound crazy, and I AM NOT going to for quite sometime. I have 2, 2 that I can barely afford as it is. My point just is that I love being all fat and pregnant and glowy. And I love feeling little kicks from the inside and feeling people rubbing my belly from the outside. I miss drinking 5 cups of nettle and red raspberry leaf tea a day. And heck I even miss getting up 3 times each night to go pee. And I miss having leaky milky breasts and a little one nursing every hour on the hour.
I am so goofy.
I actually wish humans were pregnant for like 2 years, instead of 9 months. LOL. 9 months isn't long enough.
It amazes me how most women take all of these things for granted.
Damn I hope my period ends soon. I am still so mopey and silly about babies today.
Thats what I get for reading birth stories and attachment parenting sites all morning. LOL.
I am such a maternal mammal.
Its nice.
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